Sacred 3 - Assets (2014)
Marvin tischler sacred3 warmachine a
Marvin tischler sacred3 bombwagon a
Marvin tischler sacred3 harpyeskeleton a
Marvin tischler sacred3 harborbackdrop a
Marvin tischler sacred3 icecreekbackdrop a
Marvin tischler sacred3 heliosbackdrop
Sacred 3 - Assets (2014)

I worked for Sacred 3 as an environment artist and did a lot of propcreation too.
All the small buildings are handpainted and use only a difusetexture. They are designed to stand in the far back and don't look repetetive from other angles. In the game they have been only lit with vertexcolors.
Since we used our own in-house engine the tangent space was a bit different so I've got some small shadingissues on the props when I rendered them in marmoset.
All Assets are based on concepts by Markus Lenz.

More artwork
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