Creating FREE Substance Designer nodes. What do you need?

General / 07 May 2018

Hey guys.

At the moment I am using my sparetime to create some usefull nodes for Substance Designer that I am going to share for free. I was wondering if there are any nodes that you guys desperately need and I could maybe take care of. I am not a programmer but I will try my best if your suggestions make sense! ;-)

Thinks I am currently working on:

- Smartsurfacemask: A node that quickly lets you create masks for surfaces or hard edges facing in certain directions. The masks are highly customizable.

- Lichen Generator: A node that quickly lets you generate decent lichen. Distribution, shapes, size etc. are all customizable.

- Noise Reduction node: A node that lets you reduce surfacenoise that might have sneaked into your graph. There will be a few customizable options to get the perfect result.

- Chipped Rock Edges Generator: A node that lets you select from a few customizable chipped and broken edges to quickly create good looking erosion or damage on rock and brickedges.

- Rocksurface Generator: A node that creates highly customizable rocksurfaces to overlay your basic rockshapes. Not the best to make unique Materials but in everyday production it helps you speed up your work enormously and it also helps keeping the style consistent.

- Leaf Generator node: A node that lets you quickly generate a variety of customizable leafes.

(- Safescatter Node: A node that lets you randomly and safely scatter shapes like leaves, roots, grass etc without having to worry about intersections and still giving you correct heightinformations. I'm working on it from time to time and already found a solution but it comes with too many downsides (e.g. loosing detailled heightinformations) so I am going to try some other ideas. This one might still take some time until it is working perfectly and I can't promise that I 100% will manage to create this.)

Hoping for great input from you guys!

Best Regards,